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        1. 生成
          product manual 產品說明
          Lighting Parameters 燈光參數
          • 產品型號(product model)VB-MF095-A
          • 名稱(name)射燈系列
          • 系列(series)魔方系列
          • 功率(W)(power)20W
          • 光束角(W)(Beam)15°/24°/38°
          • 顯色指數(Ra)(CRI)Ra>90
          • 光通量(m)(Luminous flux)≥480lm
          • 開孔尺寸(mm)(Cut-out)Φ95
          • 尺寸(mm)(Size)Φ106x110
          1. Exact dimensions to be verified on site by contractor;承包商需在工地復核所有需要的正確尺寸;
          2. Contractor to submit shop drawings / samples to lighting consultant forvrfications and approval;承包商需提供施工圖紙/燈具樣板給燈光顧問審核;
          3. Clearance around light fting to be alowed for angular adjustment;保留足夠空間以便燈具可作調節角度;
          4. Remote transformer to be located on false ceiling by Electrical Engineer;變壓器由機電工程師安裝在假天花頂之內;
          5. The lamps and lanterns is only for parameters, such as changes in the scene of various factors, should be negotiated with the lighting consultant;上述燈 具參數僅供,如因現場各種因素變動,需與燈光顧問協商;